name this bag

  1. Today I saw what looked like a authentic BV but I am not sure. It looked like the woven hobo (not the one with the four side pockets) but with a long woven single strap that crossed the body. Has anyone heard of this bag? If it is authentic can you tell me the name so that I can call BV for it. Thanks!
  2. Where did you see this bag? A good way to judge authenticity is by the quality of the leather -- it is very soft and droops nicely. Also, I'm not sure which BV bag you were refering to that had "four side pockets"... If you can give additional info, I'm sure someone will be able to answer you. Or check the BV website and look through the catalog section (not the shop online section, which does not have anything matching your description).
  3. Oh no in terms of the softness of the leather you could tell it was woven calf skin. I will call BV today and see if they have anything.