name this bag

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  1. What hobo is this?
    So cute!

    Game + you are helping me ;)

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  2. that's a Prada, not sure which season, but it's pretty recent.
  3. she looks great!! and her daughter is such a cutie :smile:
  4. tat's the hobo she's carrying in the other thread i think...don't know the designer
  5. i'll go ahead and agree that it's probably some sort of prada, i just wanted to add that i love her outfit in the first pic, it's so different.
  6. Man how gorgeous is KM even with the drug issue and all she's so gorgeous to me and stylish!
  7. thanks, I'll have to go and ask my SA. There's a large selection of Prada right now at my Holt Renfrew.
    Again, thanks!
  8. She always looks relaxed and smooth. Like things flow effortlessly
  9. maybe she's high?
    I kid!
    I know what you mean, I think she's just plain gorgeous. Always.
  10. Its definitely Prada distressed leather !!! It comes since last season in tan and olive, also broken white colour..
    Ive almost bought it for myself!
  11. The only Prada distressed leather bag I could find is this one. Pics taken from two different web sites. pradawhite2.jpg pradawhite3.jpg

    Here it is in tan: pradatan1.jpg

    Both are from Spring/Summer 2006.
  12. I thought it was Dulce's bag...but then I realized the leather on Dulce's is shinier.

  13. THANKS!!! I can't find the name of it anywhere?!
    Where did you find the photo of the white bag?
  14. That is NOT a Prada bag!!!!!! Sorry!
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