Name this bag...pretty pleasssse...

  1. I am in LOVE:love: with this bag...tho I can't tell if it is orange or red :confused1:...but regardless I would :heart:love:heart: ANY info on it!!! Name, price, has anyone seen it IRL??? HELP! :woohoo:THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
  2. Any picture, it will be easier for us to advise?
  3. cant see the pic :sad:
  4. duh!!!!!
  5. Also, any idea what all colors this comes in?? TIA, ladies!!
  6. That's the icon flap, right? I saw this one at my local Chanel today. It's gorgeous! I thought it also came in black and white but I'm not sure what other colors. This one is my fav!
  7.'s the icons flap. I think it also comes in black and white. It's a beautiful bag and the colour is very unique too! Can't remember the price - ? 2650 ?
  8. I heard this is coming out in blue...any idea if this is true??