Name this bag please!

  1. So my mom is at this auction thing and she claims to have found a real LV bag. She is totally Vuitton-clueless but knows I love it so she called me to see if I was interested and this is what she described:

    -A square-ish, medium sized bag
    -Suede lining
    -Has the outside tab like the speedy
    -DOES NOT have handheld handles like the speedy
    -Has a long strap for the shoulder
    -Has about 3 compartments inside
    -Mono canvas
    -Has a flap (i think)

    ANYTHING guys lol ???? Keep in mind, she is no Vuitton expert it could be a fake! TIA!:smile:

    :EDIT: I know for sure that its bigger than mono pap 26 because its the only bag I have that shes seen and she said it was bigger than that!
  2. **BUMP come one guys I need your help LV experts! :smile:
  3. If it's monogram canvas and has a suede inside it is completely fake.