Name this bag - Paddington help!

  1. It is a paddington. Peggy from Nordstrom seattle had sent a picture of this bag as part of the sale stuff.

    There is supposed to be a lock where the flap closes on the front of the bag.
  2. Yes, I believe someone on here posted that they returned the bag because in order to get into the bag (if you want to wear it with the lock showing) you have to unlock the lock each time, which can be annoying. Also, be aware that locks from Chloe can be expensive. When called to inquire about a replacement 07 bleu nuit tiny lock, I was told it would be $65 shipped, and that is if they had it in stock. I'm sure the lock and the key would be even more expensive, so you might want to call Chloe in NY and get an estimate for a replacement before you commit to buying the eBay bag.
  3. Probably why the lock is missing then.


    Was there an actual name for the bag (like Paddington messenger?), and did it come with a standard sized lock or one of the smaller ones? I need to know what to ask for when I call :smile:
  4. Never mind, I found the sale thread - thanks for the info!