NAME THIS BAG from elegance's collection PLEASE!!

  1. [​IMG]

    I am soooo in love with her collection! Holy cow she must have a GIGANTIC closet! Ok so I love this bronze bag........what is it?
  2. tompkins square ;)
  3. The Bronze is so pretty! Here's a group pic from LT:

  4. oh I love that pyramid style one - sorry don't know the name - the one on the right!!
  5. i'm still looking for a Bronze Tompkins Square :nuts:! i've been dying for one for the longest time!
  6. Yea, bronze vernis it so gorgeous and versatile..! :love: One of my favourite vernis colors!

  7. The Forsyth (Sp?).
  8. I love them!
  9. I love the Tompkins Square...too bad it's too big for me...but it's a gorgeous bag, especially in Bronze!!
  10. I love bronze, it's my fav. color.
  11. That is soo pretty!
  12. Bronze is such a chic color.