Name this B Bag ... pleeeese

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  1. Newbie here. 3 questions (please someone reply)
    1) Likelihood of obtaining this handbag that Jessica Alba has: What color/year is this handbag?


    2) Black City Handbag. Is it readily available?
    3) Can someone explain leathers? I have read on threads about 'thin' / 'thick' leather, and 'it is a bad leather'
    Sorry, but I couldn't find a Balenciaga 101 thread
  2. 1. I believe that is 05 Indigo (Since it's 2005 production, it won't be attainable from the stores anymore and I have not seen that around much but keep checking fleabay, or consignment stores)

    2. Balenciaga produces black every season so it's quite easy to obtain however you might want to get it now before the price increase

    3. Hmm..balenciaga leathers, we could start at least 3 different threads to discuss the leather.. However just general explanation, Balenciaga leather varies greatly. The superior leather are of course the 01 to 05 (thick, fluffy and smooth), while 06 got bad rap but it varies with styles and colours..07 too has beautiful thick leather while some are very thin, veiny and distress..
    So it depends on what you like, some prefers thin, veiny, distress look while others love the thick, chewy and smooth/less distress leather :smile:

    Another thing is the leather type, whether chevre or agneu..
    Let me do a search to dig this thread :nuts:

    HTH :yes:
  3. :wtf:AKI! is your signature all the bags you have!!!!!!!!!! when did you get them all?? or is it your wishlist because if it is, good choices!

    (i sent you a p.m by the way :flowers: )
  4. LIZ!!! :nuts:
    So good to see you again!!!
    Yes, I read your PM and will reply shortly :yes:

    :sweatdrop: Yes, my signature is the colours of all the bags I have :p
    LOL! I guess they just came to me bit by bit slowly :sweatdrop:

    And now, I am still hunting for more :sweatdrop:

    Hows your gorgeous turqey going? :drool:
    Hope she had beautiful time in Thailand as well :nuts:
  5. oh wow! it wasn't long agao you said you only had one or two left after selling alot off.
    show me piccies!
  6. aci_sato Thank you so much for the information.:flowers: