Name this 2007 Chanel bag?

  1. Hi!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! Any help on this 2007 Chanel bag would be greatly appreciated it!

    TIA! Hala
  2. where did you get this picture from?
  3. It's one of the pictures we took.
  4. hmm i've got no idea. i've never seen this bag before! sorry i couldn't help!
  5. Yes it is, everything is included but I can't figure out the name.
  6. What's a beautiful bag! I have never seen it. Can't you ask the SA where you found the bag?
  7. Thanks! I've looked everywhere on the Chanel forum pictures from lookbooks etc. and can't figure it out.. so frustrating! I know the bag is beige lambskin and the leather is embossed.
  8. Wow it is gorgeous, maybe you could email it to a SA who might know.
  9. somebody has that bag in the classic flap. i'll see if i can find it.
  10. [​IMG]

    Here, originally posted by Jag from her SA.
  11. Thank you Savannah! The bag is from 2007 spring collection, right?
  12. ^ I have no clue, sorry! I'm sure other Chanel ladies will chime in soon!
  13. It's ok Thanks again Savannah. I hope someone comes along that can just give me a name of this bag. It's a doctor/bowler style bag.
  14. Any idea on the name?
  15. yummy yellow! :drool: