Name These Bags

  1. Okay, these should be easy for all the experts here:

    1. What purse is Bluefly using for their email today? I've included the pix.

    2. I saw this on a purse blog - not familiar with the chick, but I love the bag. Does someone know which bag this is - it's a beauty! TIA
    purse.jpg kristin cavallari purse.jpg
  2. The bag that Bluefly is using definately looks like an Isabella Fiore. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong...
  3. Good call! Since you pointed me in the right direction, I did find it to be a Fiore (Tessa Hobo). Thanks so much, put it in my wishlist!

    Any ideas on the black handbag on Kristin?
  4. ^^Chloe Medium Paddington Tote?:shrugs:
  5. chloe medium tote.jpg
  6. Lovely bags
  7. You've gotta be right, it looks exactly the same (except I couldn't make out the lock) - excellent call!

    Too bad it's waaay out of my price range, or at least a price I'm willing to spend on a bag!

    Thanks so much! I'm finally at peace, these have been driving me crazy...