Name the leather...Ignes tannary pic on Twitter

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  1. Sooooooo....look at the gorgeous green leather behind Maria. She just twittered this pic and I love the green. Anyone know what it is?
  2. Could that be the jungle green?
  3. ^^ maybe mint green...Jungle is way darker than that. But that almost looks like it has a yellowish tinge to it...
  4. So do you think Maria is buying some more GORGEOUS leathers for us?

    I love that green!!
  5. Yeah, I looked up the colors in the reference setion after I posted and jungle is too dark. It actually looks like the back side of the jungle green a bit though. Maybe just do an online chat with Maria and ask her? That is a lovely color!
  6. I saw you tweeted at her about this. It looks almost the color of the cracked green but don't know what color it actually is. Ooh, can't wait to see what colors they are coming up with!!