Name the Characters!

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  1. :happydance:I got this idea from reading a few threads where people give names to the characters on their bag. It's really fun to see what you guys call them. So, why not share with everyone here and let us see your creative side.
  2. Well, we've already established the unicorn from Spiaggia as "happy unicorn" and the brown cactus boy from various prints as "Kano-kun."

    I remember someone asking about the blue-haired kid on Spiaggia and the blue-haired punk rocker angel on Paradiso, and as I read it, the names "Emma" and "Skyler" popped into my head so that's what they'll be named to me. *lol*

    I named the two "women" on Spiaggia Hoku (yellow bikini) and Malia (sitting down)... Haha.

    I can churn out names if ya want... *lol* Just gimme a character.
  3. maya - Name the inferno bats couple and the bullets! There's happy bullets, a sad one, and one with an eye patch.. I think. :lol: I think this might turn out to be a funny thread.. haha :smile:
  4. The bat couple - Battina (female) and Guano (male). *lol*

    I'll have to look at my Inferno bag to see the bullets...
  5. are very good at this !
  6. LOL so cuute! Yay :yahoo: now they have names!!

    Ok, SLEEEEEP for me z___z

    Sleep Dana, sleep!! I only had 4 hrs.. ahhhh get off forums~

    Posted a new thread! THANKS SO MUCH JULIE!!
  7. Dana, youre going to sleep in the middle of the morning? HAHAHAHA. I gotta do some food shopping today w/ the mom. Hitchin a ride again. Maybe I will take my Inferno Bella out for a swing.

    Maya, what about the drool boy & the dreadlock kid? haha.
  8. Good job maya! :tup:

    I name the bathtub guy in Paradiso Mr. Clean - he's just too cute!
  9. I call the male bat bunny's the Addam's Family influence.
  10. AH!! JESS!! So Cute the pic of all of you guys rockin the TD!!! :smile: I'm sad I missed it..

    I call the Hula girl, "Hula Girl".. haha.. I'm not very creative am I? lol
  12. From Citta/Citta Rosa-

    flying guy- Super Tokiman
    scooter guy- Beppe
    guy in the sidecar- Eustachio the Spy

  13. I named "The Crab" (of Foresta, Pirata & Spiaggia fame) Petey :P He's my favorite... esp when hes got a hook & an eyepatch!
  14. Aww Robyn, I'm sorry you couldn't make it. From the looks of it, we might be doing another one soon. If we do, I'll (or someone else) will let you know of it :biggrin: Oh yeah, a few pages back there's a couple more pics of all of us :smile: I think page 5.

    mamaxjam, youre hilarious haa i will call him jam's tokihubby too then lol.
  15. LOL these names are too cute!! I like Jam's Tokihubby and Super Tokiman the best! :lol: THE CUTENESS IS OVERWHELMING.

    Oh and Jess, I didnt sleep until 5am this morning and I woke up at 9am.. so with just 4hrs.. I HAD to go back to sleep. haha