Name the BEST MJ RED!!! *pics please!

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  1. HI MJ lovers!

    I really want to add a red bag to my collection, but I am in no I want to take my time & hunt down the BEST RED color (for me) made by MJ!

    First of all, I'm not certain I have all of the bases covered...the ones I can name are:
    -tomato (what season is this from?)
    -brick (what season is this from?)

    If there are more, please post & also if you have a red MJ bag, I would LOVE to see your pics!

    Thanks gals!

  2. I love brick red.. it's the dark deep red with brown suede interior. I love the combination, and the brown suede looks so luxurious!
  3. Pomegranate!! Definitely!! LOVE IT!!
  4. Brick Red is from Fall 2005, Tomato is from Resort 2004.

    There's a thread on Red MJ bags:

  5. Thanks bag.lover!
    I am leaning toward tomato right it a "true" red, or does it have undertones?

  6. I think the tomato color is a true red..About as true as you can get...It is not pinkish, or bluish, or is RED...I wanted a true red for Christmas...Think fire engine red, not cherry red...Think Christmas red..not holly red...See where I'm going? I love the other 'reds' especially brick...but tomato is red as red can be...Hope this helps....:heart: Emmy
  7. I have a Brick Red, and I find it to be the perfect shade of red [for me]. :yes:

    <-- Brick Red MP
  8. I'll have to dig up my picture later, but I really love my Wine color Stella from Fall 2003. I think it's a great shade of red - deep, but not too deep - still pretty vibrant.
  9. ITA thithi!

    Liya, your MP in Brick Red, is TDF!!

    Oooh, the pomegranate is also intriguing...**sigh**
  10. Oooo thanks ladies! so far so good!

    I think I am going to go for a Blake because I definitely want a bag to wear on my shoulder....will have to keep my eyes peeled for these amazing shades! :smile:
  11. MJ boutiques still have certain Soft Calf styles in these colors.
  12. i have a pushlock wallet in tomato and a devon in vermillion...
    the vermillion is more orange-y, while the tomato is more of a true red...

    here's a pic of the vermillion devon (along with some of my other bags)...

    Attached Files:

  13. I love chrissie's!