Name the bags you've bought (and planning to buy) this year (Jan-Dec 2007)

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  1. Bags I've bought (in bold are the bags bought this year):

    Botkier Crosby Hobo in Olive
    Botkier Trigger in Eggshell
    Botkier Trigger Fan Hobo in Ecru
    Juicy Couture Wicker Black Leather Clutch
    Kooba Ginger Suede in Chestnut
    Marc Jacobs Alfred in Bordeaux
    Marc Jacobs Bowler Patent in Chalk
    Marc Jacobs Swagger in Bark

    Bags I'm planning to buy:

    Marc Jacobs Stam in Black (hopefully)
    Marc Jacobs Elise in Blush
  2. Hi, re: the MJ Swagger bag, is the bark color a really dark brown or is it reddish? Did you happen to see the Ivory or Forest colors? I can't find a good picture to show me the colors the forest looks black but I would think it would be green! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated since I'm trying to decide on colors.
  3. This year, i've bought a gold chloe paddington (with the small lock though), Fendi Spy Zucca, B.Fendi Gold leather medium, LV patchwork denim Speedy, LV Olympe Nimbus GM in Pearl, Versace Embroidered Pocket Shoulder Bag in Black Leather, Versace quilted snap out of it in white, Silver leather Gucci Indy Medium, Green n Gold python skin Gucci Indy Large, Dior Samurai in Grey, Beige woven leather BV.

    Somehow, none of these bags are planned (ive been telling myself no bags for 2 years now!) so i cant say i have bags that im planning to get.. Though right now, i want at least 3 Chanels from their cruise collection :S
  4. Bought:
    Black Denim Neo Cabby
    Miu miu Coffer
    Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux
    BBag GH Brief
    Ivorie Bowling Montaigne(sp?)

    Planning to Buy? Nothing else, at least until spring. Time to save.:banned:
  5. i love bags but haven't gotten the names down yet so... please bear with me as i attempt to jot down my pricey possessions that i can't even name lol

    gucci tote with jacquard fabric and web double straps
    large guccissima tote in chocolate
    gucci waist bag in black
    gucci messenger bag in black
    gucci 85th anniversary velvet (-ish) hobo in red/green/cream
    ysl tote in black and gold
    ysl shopper in purple
    dior diorissimo logo in blue
    coach logo shoulder bag in black/grey
    coach logo shoulder bag in brown/beige
    coach white tote
    4 lesportsac sling bags various patterns

    i'm in themarket for a marc jacobs bag - not sure which one yet, by my sister and i are going to the boutique today :smile:

    oh my gosh! i can't believe i bought all of the above this year only!
    i'm just realizing now that i may have a bag addiction!!
  6. bags i've gotten in 2007! my babies....

    chanel white caviar medallion
    chanel large cambon (black patent cc's on black)

    2 toki doki's (not sure what style, but i love them)

    in 2008, I plan to get a black caviar timeless clutch :smile:
  7. in 2007, i bought:

    Bally Meg-T in putty
    Marc Jacobs Multi-Pocket (Large) in brick red
    Gucci monogrammed waist bag with red/green belt
    Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in blue/grey
    Rebecca Minkoff Nikki hobo in chocolate

    i am waiting for the Delancey Dr. Q from Marc by Marc Jacobs to come in black...hopefully, that'll be a bag i can add to this year's list!
  8. Bought :
    - Jerome Dreyfuss "Enzo"
    - Jerome Dreyfuss "Jean"
    - Jerome Dreyfuss "momo"
    (french designer, but some bags are on sales on Shopbop:p)
    - Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in brass

    Planned :
    - MA mini in gunmetal kind of gray (if is exists..)
    - A Merkin clutch (black, but "sparkling-shimmering" kind)

  9. Lol i've been a good girl... one mousse paddy and that's all!
  10. I bought-

    Chloe Un-quilted bay in Camel
    Zagliani silver puffy python bag
    Chloe metallic blue nuit paddington
    Chloe nuage paddington
    Chloe pink python bracelet bag (on its way to me now!)

    I am taking rest from buying full price bags for a while though, i will only buy bags I want if I see a great deal- for a while anyway, as I have plenty of bags that i love, and am a bit appalled at how much I have spent on bags this past year (since joining this forum :graucho:)
  11. Two Coach Duffles, one patchwork (and the matching wristlet), one blue optic
    One Coach black Carly demi
    One Coach leather small Ergo hobo in turquoise
    One Coach Sig Stripe demi in silver/black
    One Tano Boogie Bucket in blueprint (EN ROUTE!)

    I've aske for a few different bags for Christmas from DH so we'll see if one (or more!) show up under the tree.
  12. Here is a list of things that I bought (start from the most recent)-

    Bulga (style 4114) in Mustang
    Kooba Olivia
    Ferragamo Mediterraneo in black
    Hayden Harnett Hudson Triple-Strap Satchel in cream color

    I am still thinking of a Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Grey or purple.
  13. Oh boy.

    This has been my year of bags.

    Before this year, I owned barely any bags. And then I went nuts. In the past year I bought:

    Chloe mini paddington, argent
    Bottega Veneta hobo, red
    Bulga crescent satchel, gray
    Bulga mini studded hobo, gold
    Coach Ali, whiskey
    Rebecca Minkoff mini Nikki, slate
    Rebecca Minkoff mini Nikki, eggplant
    R & Y Augousti clutch, python
    Dior mini Gaucho, burgundy
    Chloe Edith, cream
    Topkapi saddle bag, mustard
    Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, metallic purple

    As well as a bunch of Lesportsac bags I got at the sample sale.

  14. HH Mercer Clutch
    HH Nico
    Botkier Trigger Turbo
    Kooba Suede Ginger
    Balenciaga Navy City
    Coach Tote

    In other words...I've been a bad girl :p

    I'm currently lusting after a RM Matinee :heart: Maybe christmas??
  15. I've been pretty bad:
    Coach large Carly in black leather
    Coach large Carly in khaki/saddle sig
    Coach Ali in whiskey
    Coach shoulder bag in whiskey
    Coach small sig stripe tote in punch
    Gryson Olivia in chocolate
    Kooba Natasha in straw thank goodness it was on sale because I got color transfer from my dark jeans on the back and then a watermark from when I tried to remove. Fortunately it's in an inconspicuous place. I don't think I will buy a light colored Kooba again.
    HH Hudson hobo in smoke blue
    HH Mercer triple c satchel in currant ($89 during sale!)
    HH Ibiza in black

    I'm strongly considering the BE Love Me in black crash, pewter or red. Heaven help me, no wonder my bank account is so low!