Name the bags you've bought (and planning to buy) this year (Jan-Dec 2006)

  1. hi tpf'ers! i don't know if someone has already asked this question (or if it's even in the right place) but i am interested to know...

    here's my list:
    1. gucci canvas tote with brown leather piping and green/red handles
    2. gucci "crest" hobo in cream leather with light gold hardware
    3. kate spade black and white satchel (forgot the style name)
    4. gucci sling pack in black suede with gold horsebit
    5. lv mono speedy 30
    6. fendi spy (black nappa leather)
    planning to buy:
    7. chanel medalion tote in black caviar leather (silver hardware)
    8. dior cannage tote in black or brown
    9. lv mono petit bucket or lv mono horizontal lockit
    10. lv azur saleya

    i'm hoping to stop buying bags for aa while after i've bought the last 4 but i can't make any promises. :graucho:
  2. Just bought a Lockit Horizontal
  3. im planning to buy burberry prorsum quilted bag, the chloe paddy in craie and chocolate(hopefully im able to find them soon!) and the miu miu frame bag! gosh thats a long list:P
  4. Just the one; Alexander McQueen Fish Scale Mini Novak with Dragon Clasp:

  5. i don't own a chloe nor a burberry nor a miu miu. thank goodness i haven't picked up on those yet. :smile: this purse addiction is a very, very dangerous thing! hope you get your dream bags soon.
  6. This year, none.
  7. LOL:roflmfao: , yeah its embarrassing telling my friends what bags i want, im thankful for this forum. Im known as the handbag whore amongst my them:P! Haha you are right on, it is indeed an addiction!
  8. Didn´t notice the bought part; This year bought; my whole collection of Lv´s (see link below) :biggrin:
  9. Uhm.. this year I've bought or gotten:

    Red Alexander Mcqueen Novak
    Chanel canvas printed, don't remember what it's called but the one with Coco Chanel
    Black Dior Boston bag w/patent detail
    Black Dior ostrich waiste pouch I think it's called, with a belt
    Vuitton suade Onatah PM in maiis
    Vuitton Damier speedy 30
    White Fendi spy
    Vuitton lavender Vernis Spring Street
    Vuitton Onatah GM in Aubergine
    Brown Chanel lambskin clutch
    Olive Alexander Mcqueen small Novak
    Vuitton Damier Azur speedy 25
    A few vintage clutches

    I don't have any definite plans on who will be next but there are a few Guccis and Vuittons on the list. And hubby did promise me a birkin for christmas but we will see about that :love:
  10. OMG! I am way out of my league here! I usually buy 1-3 per year, I'm so jealous at someone who gets double digits (where do you keep them all???).
  11. Geez...this is depressing. I am on a no designer ban for a few years(until all my debt is payed off). I bought a few bags under 100 and a couple in the 100-300 dollar range. That is it. Less than 1000 budgeted for this year and the next 2 at least.:crybaby: But boy, did I have FUN running up all that debt, and I sure got a lot of fabulous bags!
  12. I really want some sort of grey-colored bag - haven't found one that I am too fond of yet. I would also like to buy a quilted bag (either from MJ or Chanel) and a Gryson Skye in chocolate.
  13. makeupmama and icechick - OMG...those are quite the long lists!!! Must've been a FUN year for the both of you!!! :upsidedown:

    chloehangbags - that bag is HOT!!! Never seen anything like it!!!
  14. That's an awesome bag!

  15. This year:
    Recital, Speedy 25, Saleya PM

    And I'm on a ban til 04/07:lol: