Name the bag ???

I saw a Burberry bag today. I am new to Burberry so I do not know if this a new or old style. But I CANNOT find it on

It is a dark choclate leather with just a hint of burberry classic stitching along top. It zips closed. It reminded me of a doctors bag. How it opened outward. It had one pocket in the front and on the zipper - when you zipped closed it actually had hardware to snap it closed.

The bag was $875 - on the tag I couldn't make out a style name. But could probally go back with paper and pen. I just figured I would easily find it online.

Any ideas. There was also a larger bag , very similar with 2 pockets on th e front. But I like the smaller one and came close to whipping out a credit card right there. :wtf: I didn't and I GUESS that's a good thing.
it is similar to Vista's .... I am just worried. I can't find the bag anywhere on line. Not even Burberry. So i am wondering if it could be an older style that they no longer make or new and sold out or what? Since Vista's was on clearance it sounds like it is an older style..

I have a feeling I am going to lose this bag. It is in a shop window where I work. I have been staying away from the shop. I am going to take my camera and take a pic of it though. The shop only gets one or two Burberry's in then they are gone. But the shop isn't a handbag shop, and they really know nothing about the bags, only that they show up in shipments and they stick them out.

It is very upsetting knowing you want something that is over $900 and not being able to think or ponder or maybe save money and buy it later. Because you can't find it anywhere where you might possibly be able to buy it later. :sweatdrop: