Name the authenticators in subforums?

  1. A suggestion that could reduce confusion: Identify who the authenticators are for the various subforums. It's not 100% obvious who are the "official" authenticators, and I notice quite a few instances of random members--often new members--jumping in and stating their opinions. Since the advice given can result in good or poor buying choices, and difficulties down the road in case of errors, I was thinking that it should be made clear who does speak with authority (and therefore knowledge) in authenticating.

    To me it's the same sort of valuable info as knowing who the forum mods are.
  2. There are no "official" authenticators though. Since it's purely volunteers, they come and go. We can name 5 today and then 3 may not log on for 4-5 weeks but another person or 2 may be on and willing to help.
    They're opinion only threads, we don't train or only allow certain people, etc. . .

    People need to look at the whole picture - who is offering the opinion, how much they contribute, how often they authenticate/seem to know about the given designer, etc. . .
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    Sure, but what about when stray individuals decide to authenticate, and their opinion isn't disclaimered in any way ...that adds to confusion, since most who post items don't expect a transient member to respond.

    How can there be authentication threads without authenticators? And if there are, why not indicate who they are, to distinguish those with believability?
  4. There should be a disclaimer in the 1st post of the AT thread. "Stray" members can authenticate, people don't have to trust them though.
    There are AT threads w/ no authenticators from time to time since it's volunteering.
    People get burnt out and leave, take a break.
  5. You are right, there is a general disclaimer.

    Some forums police their auth threads to avoid random authenticating, which I find very wise. I think it would be nice if they all did.

  6. Some forums don't even have mods, and then in some forums, the mods aren't even qualified to authenticate so can't really call out others for it.
    There's honestly no rule about who can or cannot authenticate. If a mod sees people authenticating incorrectly, then they should step in for sure.
    There's no minimum post requirement though.
  7. I've had two eBay auctions (for two different designer bags) almost go downhill due to inexperienced authenticators placing doubt in the buyers' minds because they could not clearly see details on my photos (details that myself and others who PM'd me could see clear as day). Luckily I knew the seasoned authenticators in both forums who in the end, were able to vouch for my items. Since then, I worry about directing potential customers to tPF to authenticate my bags because I never know who is going to be first to respond in the threads.

  8. Not to open a can of worms, but unless a person is employed by the brand or are somehow legally empowered to speak for them, they are not an authenticator. They are nothing more than an enthusiast expressing their opinion which cannot be binding.

    If someone else acts based on that opinion, they have to be willing to accept the consequences.