Name That YUMMY Bag

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  1. What do you all think? Tod's, givenchy? Anyone know if it is available online?
    I've also seen it on Reese Witherspoon in the white/off white color.

  2. it's givenchy. i forget the style name. if you go to their official site, you can see it there. i haven't seen it available to buy online though, i'd call the boutique.
  3. Givenchy Nightingale. Beautiful bag!
  4. Nice bag! I just don't know if I like those little handles flopping over though in the middle....:confused1:
  5. thank you my expert pfers, really you all are always right on the mark
  6. LOL.. just making sure.. this is an Olsen sister is it? HAHA

    Can't stand her, but love the bag!
  7. I'm the same on this, I think. Leather looks gorgeous and rich, but I'm not keep on the floppiness of it!
  8. I love the look on the people in the car behind her.....Priceless!!! oh yeah, gorgeous bag!
  9. Sigh. Love that bag. I want a little one.
  10. Looking at the car alarm thing on her hand, can anyone tell which make/model it's for? :graucho:
  11. I am thinking a Mercedes Benz...
    (this is a fun game! lol :P)

    Next we should guess what coffee she ordered at Starbucks!

  12. haha thats exactly what i was goiing to type how funny are the faces on them :smile: hhehe
  13. does anyone know if AO is carrying the medium or large size? Anyone know cost and dimensions as well? Thanks again
  14. It's the large it only comes in medium and large. I have it and love it, it's the perfect black bag.
  15. So, is that the L.A. look for young celebrity females, long white shirt, large wrap around sunnies, black tights of some sort, a large expensive black leather bag and most of all a grande Starbucks in one hand???? Very enlightening!!!!!!! Actually that looks like a vente!!