Name that vintage Croc bag

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  1. Does anyone know the name of this bag? I saw one recently for sale and am interested, but would love to know more about the name, history, and possible years it was produced?
    I am pretty sure that the one I saw was from the late 1950s or early 1960s, but that's about the extent of it.
    Thanks in advance for any insight you could offer!!
  2. I believe it's called Boutonniere. And was made into the 70's.
  3. BEAUTIFUL, Cyn.........I love the vintage bags.....SO chic.
  4. Gorgeous bag. I prefer the vintage bags too.
  5. Thank you, ladies!! HermesGroupie, you seriously amaze me. How in the world do you know all of this? Do you have a series of old catalogs, or a super bible or something? You are so awesome.

    I love it too, I'm just not really sure about pulling the trigger, partly because I have already bought two black bags in the past week!! :shame: I might have to let one of the others go if I go for this one.
    By the way, I believe this one to be pre-1970 because there's no "Made in Paris" under the embossing inside the bag, and I found a mark inside but I can't be sure if it's a date stamp (no circle or square around the letter).

    Thanks again for the quick responses, and for the enabling, LOL.
  6. Amazing bag Cynthia, I love the shape...:drool: I bet it would look really smart...!
  7. Hermesgroupie your are amazing how do you know all this stuff?
  8. pretty bag!