Name that shirt!

  1. I was watching an English documentary, 'The Truth about Size 0,' hosted by Louise Redknapp. I couldn't help but notice Louise's clothes... In a few scenes, she is wearing a creamy white blouse under a camel knit. The shirt has a pleated collar the whole way around and I was wondering if anyone know what it is or if anyone has seen something similar? Many thanks for any suggestions!
  2. I saw that show too, know which shirt you mean, but I havent a clue who makes it!!
  3. She was wearing an awful lot of Chloe stuff on the show, but I cant really remember the one that you mean. I do remember that she rocked that Sprouse for Vuitton red scarf tho ;)
  4. ^^^
    She did rock the LV scarf, it looked great on her!
  5. Thanks chloe-babe, I might check out some chloe stuff and see if I can find it there somewhere.

    and you're both right - the LV scarf was hot!