Name That MJ Bag!

  1. I'm trying to hunt down that MJ N/S tote, pictured here


    The whiskey colour is gone from eLUXURY, so I'm trying to find elsewhere before settling on another colour.

    I don't know if NM ever had this bag, but the SA can try to find it better if I could give another name for this bag. And well you're the purse/MJ/ID experts!!

    Perhaps I will also post in the shopping area (do we have one in MJ?) that I'm on the hunt.

  2. ^ This is N/S TOTE in Whiskey from F/W 2006's QUILTED LEATHER line; the style number is C362117. If it's no longer available at your local store (NM, Nordstrom, Saks, etc), you can try calling a Marc Jacobs boutique.
  3. I'm hunting for this tote as well and none of the stores in Boston has it, be it NM, Saks, Barneys or the MJ boutique. :crybaby:
  4. Hi all! I'm hoping to get a little help & repost in the proper thread...

    I got this on sale last year at the Rack & I love it, love it, love it! It's not too big, but will fit my wallet, keys, cell & a paperback! :love:

    It's my 1st MJ bag, and probably won't be my last...especially since I just found tPF and now I've got others to help feed my growing purse addiction...

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  5. LARGE SHOULDER from F/W 2004. The color is BARN RED.

  6. I have that exact bag too, and I think it might actually be the smaller version. There is a large one, but the pockets on that look like the small one.
  7. Yes! That's the same - I have the small in barn red and I have a friend who had the larger version in a dark olive (forest?) green.
  8. Thanks Bag.lover! Thanks keen!:yahoo:

    You're the best! I'm really loving my bag...
  9. what is the name of this mbmj bag? i saw it in a post in the reference library but w/out name, original price, season/year.

    the bag
  10. pictures of Frankie (from evogue1966)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. can someone please tell me the name of this mbmj bag so i know what to search for on ebay!! haha.

  12. It's the MBMJ Gathered Hobo but no one calls it that on ebay. Every now and then they pop up. Here's the review of it I found after a LONG search for it's name:

    Marcjacobsamy has a really nice one in an off-white color. This is where i first saw it and then became obsessed with getting one myself. It took awhile but I did finally find the brown/taupe suede one on ebay and I love it!

    If you really want one just be patient and keep checking ebay. I'm sure one will turn up. If you REALLY really want one you can pay more than it's worth and get it on ebay from artsy.smartsy.

    Good luck!