Name That MJ Bag!

  1. Totally turnlock satchel in firebird red, I believe
  2. Thanks, Luna! Any idea where I can find it aside from Styledrops? They hijacked the price ridiculously high!
  3. Uhhh... are you after the red? It's a popular color... I think the only place you can get them is if you snag one on eBay.

    Maybe someone else has more info on where they've seen some of the turnlock bags.
  4. Unfortunately, yes I'm looking for the red since its so GORGEOUS! Will be diligent on eBay. :p
  5. a firebird bowler just went up... so it's possible that one of these m ight pop up eventually. I'd set up a favorite search that way it emails you whenever one is listed ;)
  6. I know that this bag was on last fall's runway... was it ever mass-produced? Does it have a name? I love these styles.

    Thanks for your help! I'm looking for a bag for my mom and I know she loved this style when she saw it.
  7. Thanks! You guys are so great!

    Anyone know if this is still available anywhere? Should I call a MJ boutique?
  8. Would someone be able to name this bag? I know its from the Ursula line but was wondering whats the actual name and if it comes in the calfskin line. TIA! :smile:

  9. QUILTED URSULA Hobo in Midnight from S/S 2006. This style's made in patent (goat) leather only.
  10. Hello ladies! Do you know the name of the MJ bag, it a tote,looks like this ,16x12", but pockets are not on the front, but on on the sides. It's from '05, I think.
    Thank you!:heart:
  11. That looks like a Blake, no? :s
  12. Large Satchel (17 x 7.5 x 9.75") from SOFT CALF CLASSIC line.
  13. MJ boutiques sold out of Quilted Cord Maggie very quickly. It was featured in F/W 2006 RTW show last February.