Name that LV bag

  1. I just posted this in Bags, Bags, Bags > Handbags & Purses, but that was before I found this LV discussion group. D'OH!!! Anyway, I'm brand-new to the Purse Forum, so sorry--please bear with me.

    In a recent magazine (could have been O, Lucky, Shop Etc., Elle...I read all of them), I saw a Louis Vuitton handbag. Could have been a September or August issue. It wasn't an ad; it was part of a story on bags or fall items or something or other. I remember it being either solid dark brown or black. It wasn't monogrammed.

    Does anyone know the bag I'm talking about? And does anyone remember the magazine?

    Thank you!
  2. Onatah in Black leather?
  3. Sorry, I cannot help.:shrugs: I hope someone can answer your question.