Name that Louis Vuitton!

  1. As I was in Purse Heaven, also known as Scottsdale Fashion Square (yes I got something from LV, but that comes later!!), I spotted this gorgeous bag on the arm of some lucky lady.

    It was kind of dark in the area, couldn't tell if it was a greenish color or light tan, but it was the mini LV pattern, the dune Mini Lin isn't out yet is it? The handles had vachetta attached to the purse by brass chains, sort of like the audra handles.

    Tell me what the name of this goregous bag is!! Sorry for the bad pic, was trying to take the pic with camera phone without her seeing me LOL
  2. Jen... You have another pic? My eyes are either very bad or they're wacko.
  3. I don't recognize it from the pic. I hope someone can help you.
  4. Hard to see the pic is so small, I don't recogonize it either.
  5. I don't recognize it at all...
  6. The pic is too small.
  7. [​IMG]

    Tried to make it a little bigger - does this help??

    Oooops - now it's crazy big and fuzzy - sorry
  8. it kinda looks like one of those velour bags...gracie I think...I don't really know too blurry...but I am guessing from the look of the strap
  9. it's really flat/squished.. i have no idea. though it looks like a hybrid ellipse & gracie or something.
  10. Are you sure it is a Vuitton?
  11. i'm clueless, time to dust off the old cataloges and refresh my knowledge!! :biggrin:
  12. it looks like a fake haha.

  13. or should the question be are you sure it's a REAL Vuitton? I don't recognise it at all sorry
  14. :yes:
  15. It might be limited? Maybe its not Louis Vuitton.