name that leather...

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  1. Hey Oops! Yeah, the leather is thinner than the Carly but its not majorly significant (as compared to the Madison or Ali line). I was feeling a little bitter yesterday and this morning with the realization and then I came to recognize that I still loved the Zoe because the leather was 'thick enough' for my liking. The leather is still fairly heavy and durable and has this amazing shine to it.

    I think the big decision whether to get a bag or not comes down to actually touching one IRL. When I did get my hands on the Zoe, I fell in love with it. It's a beautiful bag no doubt. The only thing that I do feel some regret over is when they thinned the leather without notifying us. I also probably knew that when I got my Zoe, I sensed they won't be making them like the 2007 lines anymore or ever perhaps.

    I shouldn't really complain though. I got most of my bags on sale so I did get my money's worth after all. But, from hereon, I would feel like I would be losing money if I continued purchasing more Coach. I just don't feel comfortable with the thinner and (I believe) more fragile leather.
  2. You're welcome Brooke11! I agree the Madison leather is very pretty to look at--especially that gold sparkly cream suede. I have used my Madison Teal for a few times and so far so good but it's a smaller bag so I can feel secure knocking it about with no remorse. :P

    I don't know if this thinner leather is here to stay. I hope not, but it looks like they're trying different ways to patent their leathers. I think by coating their thin leathers with cool waxy jelly stuff, they can make the bags lighter, prettier, and more versatile. But I have yet to see these thinner gel'd up bag withstand cuts and scratches like the older Legacy. It's like the new cars today. The older ones in the 50s and the 70s could go through brick walls without a dent on their fenders, but if the cars today bump against a plastic garbage can, the leather scratches and dents easily and repairs expenses are extensive. Pop cans and food cans were tough to dent back in the 70s because they were solid metal. Now they're made out of thin aluminum and hitting a can with a set of keys can easily puncture the thin metal veneer that separates the world from the fizzy sticky liquid. Yeah, things have thinned out over time.

    Yeah, the Zoe leather is nice but not super duper spectacular though. I love the Bleecker burnished leather first and the Legacy leather second in line. They're such yummy smelling and beautifully designed bags. The texture of these leathers are so luxuriant.

    The good thing is that the outlets still seem to stock up with last year's bags so there are probably enough. EBay is another option.

    Maybe they will come back and make the heavier leather bags again for their 75th anniversary. I hope so.
  3. Sorry, I had a long day and confused metal with leather in my comments above. I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying even though I've mixed up the two. I'm so tired.

    Have a good night! I'm retiring now for another busy day ahead.
  4. How about a little *bump* if anyone is interested in reading this again. ;)