name that leather...

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  1. Thank you cz22! Ha ha, I have enabled you to want a natural leather handbag. I've never really bought into the patent craze (as I've mentioned elsewhere in tPF Coach subforum). I love smooshy leather and its smell so nice. Cuddling a patent bag is like cuddling a plastic bag that smells faintly of chemicals. [Sorry to the patent bag lovers out there, but that's how it feels to me.] I do have some patent Coach but they're the older 2007 models that even smell like natural leather to boot!

    Thank you Brooke11! You're 1 million percent correct! The older Coach leathers are thicker. If you love the Carly/Zoe leathers, you'd be drooling head over heels for the older 2007 Bleecker burnished leathers as well as the 2006-2007 Legacy antique leathers too. Even the Soho leathers from early 2008 are lusher. That's why I only bought the crossbody and a couple of wristlets. I never got into the newer lines--Madison, Parker, Bonnie, Cricket...and Poppy. I am glad I have collected the older Coach before they made the big new changes in their new lines and before they're completely gone.

    I am so pleased you like the pictures, Aml716! You are very welcome. I am glad I have re-ignited your passion for Zoes and Carlys in full-grained leather. :graucho: Yeah, the older bags are beautiful. Whenever I dig into my closet, I fall in love with the Coach bags all over again--especially when they have this nice Coach leather smell to them which is another big criteria for my Coach adoration.

    Sadly, after Coach has moved onward with their Madison collection and so forth, I have really stopped collecting. I love Coach but I don't really care for the newer lines. Today, I had a chance to head to the Coach outlet and I just don't feel like going out there. I am pleased with what I currently have. That's all that matters. There is only so much Coach I want to get and the leather quality that I grew to love is currently no longer available except at the outlets.

    So, thank you for suggesting this thread. It gave me a chance to share something that I really enjoy--Coach leather at its very best. I am too tired (or too lazy) to pull out my Bleecker burnished leather and my Legacy anitique leather bags to do another in-depth analysis. The leather on those bags are totally indescribable. And the 'fishy' rich leather smell is just heavenly--much stronger aroma than the Carly or Zoe leathers. So, this report is one of my last genuine hoor-ahs for Coach.

    I apologize if I sound so harsh towards the newer lines and their leather quality. I am just not keen on them as I was with the older Coach lines. Mind you, if Coach does turn around and make more bags in this traditional leather, I'll be there waiting. :biggrin:

    As for the XL Zoes (if there are any left out there), I think go for $578 ($598 MRSP) and an additional 50% off from the last time I looked about a month ago. When I was there, I saw only the coppery metallic XLs and not the natural full-grained leather ones in black and brown. I did snatch a Large Chocolate Brown Zoe though for $235 (after the price deductions) before tax.

  2. o:huh:o what i would do to get my hands on that grey XL Zoe! but it was AGES ago when i saw that beaut.

    You don't like the madison line??? I have the sabrina and the julianne both in leather, but the leather isn't like before -- hence this thread.... you should check out the julianne and the sabrina. they're great looking and functional bags.... if only they were the same leather as the carly/zoe....

    thanks again.
  3. I hope you get the Grey XL Zoe too!

    Naw, sorry, I don't like the Madison line--in terms of their handbags. I have seen the Sabrina and Julianne at the Coach boutiques several times--actually, every time I go in there. I don't like the shape of the Sabrina or the Julianne. I do like the Madison Magazine Tote though. I saw the one in black--that's the only colour I would get, but I cringed because it has the same exact deep purple lining. I wouldn't want a 3rd bag with the same lining. I tried the Julianne several times and it never caught my interest. I really tried to like them, but I could not. The teal Madison crossbody, though, is so adorable and I am glad I got this little bag. It looks like it could withstand rain but I did notice rain droplets marking the bag but it dried easily with no water marks. I got a red and gold Madison wristlets and they're cute. IMHO, the Madison is a nice leather and I like them in smaller bags and as accessories, but not as handbags. It just doesn't feel like the Coach I fell in love with over a year ago. That's okay....more for other Coachies! :smile:

    Actually, thanks to the Sabrina, I have debated between the Sabrina versus the Speedy and it has spurred my interest in considering a LV Damier 35 Speedy over the Sabrina. I am not keen on Sabrina's shape. It's even worse when it converts into a shoulder bag--it looks like a mini gym bag. [I had an Adidas red gym bag when I was in high school that I carried everyday filled with runners, T-shirt, waterbottle, and gym shorts.] The Sabrina just looks strange on the crook of my arm as a handheld bag. The Speedy 35, on the other hand, looks pretty good. Thanks to Sabrina, I am liking the Speedy.

    Mind you, the Julianne looks exactly like the LV Pastel Neo Cabby bags. In this case, stick with the Julianne because it's less expensive and it's all leather (which is preferable over the denim fabric even though it's LV).

    I don't know why I feel indifferent. The Madison style handbags don't appeal to me, but the teal crossbody and the two wristlets look fantastic. :yahoo: Strange, eh? I think it has something to do with surface area ratio to thickness--the crossbody and wristlet sizes are smaller and the thickness (even though thinner than the Zoe/Carly leather) is good for such small bags. When the bags get bigger, the Sabrina puddles and the Julianne looks a bit floppy. Yeah, the Carly and Zoe (especially the XL one) is very slouchy, but the leather is strong and with a handbag organizers inside, these two bags sit strong and tall.

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  4. the LV speedy is a nice bag, but not worth it for canvas (except for the to die for LV speedy graffiti in silver --- it came out back in the late 90's?) i hear you about the sabrina looking like a gym bag.. i have to admit, it does look good on my arm ;) but i'm not an arm bag handler. lol. i prefer cross body and i love the teal julianne .. so functional and huuge! i can't wait to work the leather in (as currently it looks soo scratched up as the leather is soo stiff). i wish they bring back the carly leather, but i'm sure they had to cut back due to the economy. the madison leather is a bit plasticy compared to the carlys and zoes. and i won't even go near the patent stuff. to me it looks to raincoat-y.

    i'm off to stare at your bags again. lol.
  5. Ooooh, I made a mistake! The Carly is NEWER than the Zoe! The Carly's creed code is: NoJ0873-10616. J is not for January. It's either made in October--probably November of 2008.

    The Zoe's creed code is: NoG0826-12664 and so the bag was made in July. Sorry for the confusion. I think it's the timeline that the style of the bag came out...not the production timeline. I am glad they decided to create the black leather Carly with the nickel hardware. It's very significant in it's appearance. I've seen its brass sister and I was not nearly as impressed. I would be curious to see if they'd make a nickel black leather XL Zoe--we only wish!
  6. ITA with you, I was cursing and spitting like an angry camel for a whole month after purchasing my first LV Damier GM Neverfull. I still think it's too much money for canvas. I was considering a LV Epi but I've read on the tPF-LV subforum that the leather wrinkles eventually. Still, I wanted to try out LV. I did notice that when it was raining cats & rodents outside, my first instinct was to grab my LV instead of my Coach handbags every time because it is indestructible and very light. I can now see why these bags are great for travelling. I prefer my Coach bags but I wanted something different because Coach was not doing it for me anymore and I do love canvas bags and have some from the Coach Heritage Stripe line as well.

    Luckily, I do have some expendible income and it's my elementary school teacher's fault decades ago--she showed me her LV Speedy and I was entranced by the LV brass lock on it. I still remember the LV lock. Now I am considering the bags that go with this lock. That's why I have 2 LV locks cinching the sides of my GM Neverfull. Even though I am not a handheld bag kinda girl, I am thinking of the LV Speedy. I might as well get one and see what it's like. I think that since they're canvas and not leather, I can bash them up pretty good without feeling too much discomfort--except for the fact that it's costing a little fortune owning them. For me, owning these bags are kinda fun. :biggrin: [And we gotta have a little fun in our lives, don't we?]

    I agree that the Sabrina looks good on other people--just not me. I'm not small or delicate so it looks ridiculous on an Amazonian like myself. ;) For me, it's too girlish. We both agree that the Madison Crossbody is cute. I found the Julianne to be too heavy when I tried it on at the boutique--even with nothing in it. The Madison Magazine Tote looked amazing, but I am glad I have the Zoe/Carly combo to keep my paws away from this bag.

    Yeah, I am pleased with the way the pictures came out. I just wanna dive into those bags and lose myself in them.
  7. T-girl, I didn't know you are a fellow Amazonian like myself. From your Niagara pics and your XL Zoe modeling pic I remember you looking slim and a regular framed person.
    I appreciate your Zoe & Carly pics. Sometimes I wish the XL Zoe has nickel hardware. I have so much brass hardware on bags already. I'm on client track for both of those bags and I never get called.
    If I cannot find XL Zoe I believe my Coach collection is now complete. I can't bear to have anymore bags as my closet is bursting.
  8. Hey Oops! Yeah, we Amazonians must stick together--with our sharp spiked clubs and leopard skin wraparounds. ;) The pinks and bright hues aren't me. I love my black leather and black/black siggy bags because it better reflects my personality.

    Thank you. I am feeling a little heavy lately and have to get back into shape. I've let myself go--even though my BF says :nogood:.

    They do have the Coral Patent Zoes with Nickel hardware, but again, it's the patent I'm steering clear of.

    I have to stop collecting too--I don't have a closet anymore! :shrugs: Looks like we're both closing our bag collections around the same time. I am considering finishing it with a *bang* with a LV Damier Speedy 35. Nuts, eh? The Speedy, unlike the Sabrina, looks 'tougher'--especially if I am going to haul it around in my hand and crook of my arm all day long. :biguns:

    I hope you get your Black XL Zoe! (*crossing fingers for Oops*)
  9. Yes! I'm glad we Amazonians identify each-other and connect. We have that good ol' Amazonian concealed network going on running in the background. Today I think I'll wear my Raquel Welch cavewoman outfit but I don't know which Coach bag matches. haha just kidding. (not about the outfit.:biggrin: about not knowing which bag matches!)
    I know Coach is coming out with leopard printed bags this fall if I'm not mistaken.
    I've let myself go, too, but I'm working like crazy to get back into shape.
    Email me a pic of your LV when you get it! Sounds nice!
  10. Raquel Welch--that's almost before my time too! I am glad I was around to appreciate the early 70s lifestyle. I was watching a Quincy, MD (the first pre-CSI series) and one of the kids in the show had his LV Carryall and wearing a LaCoste golf shirt. Some things have not changed over time. I can see Amazonians running through the woods screaming and hollering with their clubs swung high in aggressive battle pose--the image of sewers sounds gross. :yucky:

    Okay, black leather is gorgeous, but leopard print is a little over the top for me. I like subtle black classic looks--single colour and no spots. Even khaki print is a little too extreme for my taste. I think even though I have some Amazonian trait-like characteristics, I may actually not consider the Poppy Predator bag that Charlie dubbed--I can hear the bag snarling and hissing (and unfurling its evil straps) in the background. :wtf:

    Too bad we don't all live nearby. We could set up a Coach fitness club--with Dragonette as the yoga teacher. I need some flexibility after hauling around all that cow hide day after day. I'll send you some pix if/when I get speeding on my LV purchase.

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  11. That predator bag is mostly nice looking. It does look like it's snarling at me, it's zipper I can imagine is a big mouth! Yes, I do wish we lived closer to one-another. I haven't seen Dragonette on the forum lately. I think she's into another brand at the moment.
    I've been doing push-ups next to my desk. I can do 11 real push-ups then I stop to rest. I had breakfast though, so it doesn't feel good to exercise on a full stomach.
    I'm glad I got to see all of the 70's minus 2 months. I liked those simpler times.
  12. Looking at the Predator bag again, I can imagine the zippers slowly rubbing together making that rasping sound like a rattlesnake warning other predators to steer clear. At least the zippery mouth is grinning! :devil: [heh heh]

    That's great you're getting into shape and keeping up. I was such an exercise freak a short while back. If I worked closer to home, I take more time and get back into shape again.

    I used to be able to do 600 situps per day with a 40 lb weights on a machine. I was aiming for hard rock abs but was disappointed that I didn't lose much weight and stopped. I should start up again and do something. I can excuse myself today (and this month) because the sinus infection hasn't gone away--it's gotten worse and has gone into my chest. So, I am just relaxing, drinking fluids, and taking it easy to recuperate. Yeah, Dragonette has moved on as well. I miss some of the older tPF Coachies that are no longer here.
  13. I go in and out of exercise/eating regimes, too. Right now I'm back in. It's very hard for me to lose weight but I can change my body's composition fat/muscle ratio I've noticed. I feel much firmer and have lost a dress size even though the scale hardly moves.
    I miss Dragonette, too, and a couple others I can think of. Dunno why they disappeared. Sometimes I want to disappear, too, so I can stop thinking of Coach for awhile but I always come back here. It's a habit coming to this forum. One I'm not ready to break.
    Sit ups won't get rid of fat. You have to do other things like lift weights, cardio, eat less. I still work on my abs but I don't do that many reps. Anyways, I haven't lost weight so my advice you can take it with a grain of salt.
    I hope you feel better soon!
  14. Thank you Oops! Yeah, I thought with as many as 600 reps on situps, I would at least burn enough to see some kind of change but all I get are more ripplely muscles on my belly which is annoying--I thought I'd get a skinny flat belly [sigh!].

    I think many of the older tPFers have disappeared because of the new changes. For me, there are just too many 'Sabrina' reports and I don't feel like I can contribute much to those threads because I have no knowledge or interest in this line.

    I'm not ready to break either but I will probably float between Coach and Louis Vuitton. I will definitely be enjoying my bags when my collecting stops.

    Strangely, I am hoping this illness makes me lose weight. Sad to say, one of my friends got so sick she stopped working for over a month. When she came back, she looked so thin. Before asking her how she was feeling, I was complimenting her on her weight loss! Crazy, huh? She was impressed that she could slip into a tinier size but she said the illness was not worth this new change in wardrobe and she could sense that once she was back onto solid foods, she'd be back to her usual weight again because she's too weak to exercise. I hope this illness changes her food intake amount and keeps her svelte shape intact. Yeah, again, I show no remorse and want the skinnier shape. Oh well, I know myself. I go into these exercise phases. Right now I am happily lazy so I can enjoy it before pushing myself again. I've always been average or slim in shape so I am not too worried.

    Best of luck in your excercise regime!
  15. I had fun chatting with ya, T-Girl today. You contributed a lot to this thread with your comparison pictures of the yummy, thick leathers. I feel the same way as you about all of the Sabrina threads, I don't know what to say much on the forum lately because of that.
    Off to go enjoy my older bags with the thick, nice leathers! Have a great day everyone.