Name That Gucci!

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  1. Gucci studded blondie
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  2. Thank you so much! I thought it was, but when I searched on google for blondie or Tom ford era Gucci’s I couldn’t find this exact style, just similar ones, most with a chain hookup or clutch style. Thank you for confirming!!
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  3. I just found in my closet one of my Gucci bags I haven’t used in forever. I actually forgot I even bought it. I am trying to do some research on the name of the bag. Google is giving me several different names so I don’t know what is correct as very little is coming up on it. The number inside says 224098. Any help would be greatly appreciated. IMG_9932.jpg
  4. Hi
    Does anybody know the name of this bag and what price it retails for

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  6. apologies i may be posting in wrong place but would love if someone could id this bag for me i have spent over an hour trying to find it online! its like the marmont but doesnt have the full wallet inside thanks all!

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  7. Interlocking.

    Don't double post please.
  8. IMG_1529683849.512838.jpg

    Hello all. DH wants his scarf/shawl or I dunno what is it called. Can I find this on the website? How much? Thanks!
  9. Hi there. I'm helping my mother sell some of her old purses. I would really appreciate any info I could get on this one. What is it worth?

    Thank you,

  10. I am wondering what the 41 means. I have a catalog and I see this bag listed with the model number listed 02 039. Just wondering if the 41 is some type of date coding or color coding. In the catalog it is shown in beige but says it is also available in blue.

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  11. I just bought this bag today and I would like to know any information if anyone would be as kind to help, the zippers are ykk the only number Ive found is 56 stamped on the lining of a pocket

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  12. BB69E179-3D4C-4A8A-A615-BFCC15BCAB32.png Hi!

    My first post and actually joined as I have searched for this bag but can’t seem to figure out what it is called and its not on the website!

    Anyone have any idea what its called, if its limited edition etc?

    Thank you!
  13. Another image as it didnt upload previously!

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  14. Hello PFers,

    I've recently seen someone carry this bag, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. However I cant seem to find any information on this bag apart from this image. Does anyone know what it's called? Thanks![​IMG]
  15. Hi guys, I recently pulled the trigger and bought my first Gucci bag! The small Black Leather Crystal Butterfly Linea Totem Shoulder Bag (wow that's a mouthful!)

    I checked and it is not on the Gucci website, which makes me think it must be from a season or two ago, but would anyone know which season/year? Much appreciated :biggrin: Pictures are below. Thanks!

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg