Name That Gucci!

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  1. OK..we have had alot of threads lately that were asking PF members to identify their bag and what collection it came from!!

    Lets STICKY this and put all questions pertaining to this here!
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  2. I've already posted this question twice in different threads and now i have been redirected once again. Hopefully, this thread will give me more good answers to my question:smile:
    Here's the deal, this is a Gucci bag that I got as a present. It was bought in late june/august 2006 in Cannes in France. Does anyone know what model this is? It reminds of bouvier but i don't think that it is bouvier.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  3. Has anyone seen this bag too? I posted this elsewhere as well but no one seems to know either. I just want to know the name of the bag mainly and where it might come from. It was given to me as a gift and I just wanted a little info on it.

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  4. Hi there,

    I need a litte help - does anyone know this gucci bag?

    Is it from 2004/05/06 or...?


    I hope you can see the picture....:graucho:

    When did this gucci bag come out, and - if anybody knows - what are the measurements, and what´s the name (does it have a special name?)?

    Thank you very much! :love:
  5. hmm.. as far as gucci goes, they just name certain collections but bag names are mostly large hobo, medium hobo, small shoulder bag etc etc...example, the bag of wuselmurphy is from the abbey collection i think. that D-ring with the rounded screw-like accents are the main "look" of the collection... i'm just not sure what the kind of bag it is..

    the only bags i know with "special" names are the joliceur, boston, bouvier, which pertains to the shape and not the collection name :smile:

    other collection names i know are: britt, princy, piston, etc

    am i making sense?
  6. Tamikac23, gorgeous bag....I think its called the 'penelope' large only comes in brown leather or GG logo fabric
  7. Luvtoshop, thank you so much for your help. This bag has got me nervous now. I still can't find it anywhere. I called a Gucci retailer and gave them the serial number and they said that the bag came up as penelope but that they did not sell it in their store. She suggested that I call gucci customer service and they said the same thing and that they didn't know anything else about the bag either. My problem is that I have not seen my same bag anywhere, I can find clearly fake ones that resemble it but are made of monogramed canvas or monogramed leather but nothing like mind. I can tell these are fake cause all the sites I see them on are Korean.
  8. i've seen that style! let me look for it for you :smile:
  9. Tamika!!! i found it! mrs. t of blogged about this bag a while back (july 17, 2006) and her pic was from :smile: I copied the pic for you. but it's monogram instead of leather and retailed for $1550.

  10. it's the jackie o
  11. ^Im pretty sure I saw it on sale last week on NM.COM too...actually
  12. Thanks Pixie, I appreciate the help. :smile: I'm going to start to go into some of the stores and see if maybe they carry a different selection than what they advertise on-line. Hopefully I can find my bag there.
  13. hello! I am not very familiar with Gucci and I'd appreciate any info on this bag - price, season, name etc. Thanks a lot!!!!!


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  14. How about this purse....I just love it! I would love to know the history of it, it's black and the inside is red leather and it came with a removable leather mirror.....such a cute "kelly" style GUCCI...i am also curious as to what is retailed for also!



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