Name that Fendi bag!

  1. Hi everyone. I got these two yesterday, and I'm not sure what the style names are. If anyone knows, please clue me in!
    pf1.jpg pf2.jpg
  2. I don't know the names but both are TDF !!!!!!
    Congrats on these 2 Gorgeous Beauties !!!
  3. Those are gorgeous!!! I've seen the first one in the selleria collection, with different leather (making myself clear: Same style, different materials) but I'm not sure what it's called. The second I have no clue, but it's TDF!! Congrats
  4. Yes, I thought the green looked like selleria, but it doesn't say selleria on it anywhere. In fact, there is an embossed area on the front of the bag that says Fendi, Roma, Italy, but not selleria. It's a mystery!

    Unfortunately, I don't think I get to keep either of these--I am putting them up for sale on eBay. Maybe I will keep the green if I can't sell it, though!
  5. I like them both! I don't know those two particular styles though! The second one is particularly striking! How come you don't get to keep them? Are they not doing it for you?
  6. I actually quite like both, but I just don't have the funds right now to keep them (I've also found in the last couple weeks a super cute patent betty bag at Filene's that I am keeping, plus a paddington I ordered off eBay, plus my other recent Fendi exploit). The green I may keep if it doesn't sell, but the mauve on was just too expensive for me to rationalize right now! The original retail on that second one was over $3000, so you can imagine that even at a steep discount it was still more than pocket change. I did get a cute little eggplant metallic snakeskin clutch that I am keeping though :yahoo:

    Oh, and a Chanel tweed skirt! I described that as "like the holy grail of Off 5th" to my husband.
  7. Ooh! I hear you! It'd be great if we all had money trees. Your other purchases sound lovely! I'd love to see the pic of the metallic snakeskin if you ever get the chance!

    I know what you mean about the Holy Grail. Hubby's beginning to think that the Holy Grail ain't so Holy! :push:
  8. Your wish is my command -- plus a bonus shot of a larger KS I got that I am also going to sell (well, hopefully!). The little one is mine, though!

    They also had a small traditional clutch size in both of these colors that I didn't buy. I can tell you the store if you want. I think this week they have a coupon for 30% off one item.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  9. OMG!!! Those are gorgeous!!!! I wish I could pull off the bright bold looks. The metallic purplse is simply STUNNING! Congrats! If I shop anymore, hubby may very well shoot me! ;) Thanks for the offer though. Though if you happen to run across your PM box, please feel free to PM me! :graucho:
  10. I really like the mauve one you posted first the most. I think I saw one like it on eBay once & it looked incredibly interesting and artistic...don't remember the name either. It is a small bag, if I owned it, would probably become a "trophy bag" for the most part, but I cherish the trophy bags almost as much as the everyday bags :graucho: . Congrats on the heavy shoppin' :yahoo:

  11. The hobo is called just that. It doesn't have a name, it's just called hobo bag. It i from FW 06. The other is called the "bag it". Anything with the handles that fold down like that. We actually have that same bag at the outlet, and the whole collection. It is a gorgeous bag and congrats!!!
  12. OOh, thanks so much! I had a feeling you might know!
  13. Hi Fendilover2822: Do you happen to have a dark brown or cognac spy at the outlet? Thx.
  14. We don't have any spy bags at the utlet. We just have the older spy hobo. We are not expecting to rceive any spy bags.