Name that fake, have some fun!

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  1. A lot of us are really bothered by blatant copies attempting to fool the masses right? Blood pressures rise discussing this so let's flip the script and get a laugh from them too! OK, since the fakers call their bags by the same name as the original...Let's think of a bag, and think of a name it SHOULD be called :idea: I'll start...

    This bag SHOULD be called the Private Dick! :wlae::wlae:

    I know this is corny but I need some laughter!
  2. the following bags are "Replica" bags! not the real things!!~

    Let's play name that bag!

    the proclaimed "spy"


    $35 dollars on ebay (ew)

    Name that bag!
  3. the "muse" ugh...



    Name that bag!
  4. this is so grossly bad.

    Balenciaga wannabeeez.

    the "motorcycle"



    Name that bag!
  5. $30 Birkin... wah... lol!


    Name that bag!
  6. This would be the new Faki "Spew"! Sequins optional!
  7. spew definately works lol...
  8. Goaches... these are painful WARNING!




    i'm not listing prices anymore heh....

    Name these bags lol!
  9. i have to go watch a movie with my roomie but i will be back to devistate you with more shortly, don't worry!
  10. omg LV... sry i HAD to post this. this is awful lol...

  11. Ew.. the only one of these I really know anything about is the Spy, even so these are all SOO obvious!
  12. HMM... fake LV=VD?

    At least this particular one is more "inspired" and doesn't have actual LVs on it.
  13. What is this? Phooey Vuitton?
    LITIGATRIX, roflmao...VD?! LOL, HAHA!
  14. [​IMG]
    Name That Bag!
  15. Bottega FUGetta