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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I saw this photo on the homepage for "Bags" on Burberry USA's online shopping site. I can't find it anywhere on the site though, I'm hoping I just wasn't looking close enough.

    Can anyone tell me the name of it?


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  2. It looks like the same style as their new Shimmery Bowling Bag Style # 31717403
    in their new color for this season. Except that looks like the canvas pattern.

  3. I think it's from the last summer collection... but I don't know the name, either.
    Regina :confused1:
  4. not sure but cute bag! i love that
  5. I'm not sure :sad: It looks lovely though
  6. It's from this season. It's supposed to hit the stores fairly soon. I called and bugged Burberry about it because I really like it too. LOL. I think it's just the luck of the draw who I got but all the girl could tell me was it's "exploded check, pale beige color" with "cognac" color leather.

    The SA at my local Burberry store is supposed to give me a call as soon as it comes in so I can come check out their new line and try it on for size. ;)
  7. My SA called me from Burberry. I guess she's a little eager beaver who put this on hold for me and it should be coming any day now. It's called the "Chocolate Canvas and Leather Exploded Check Lowry Bag" and retail on this thing is $1695. It's for the Winter season. What I don't know is the size. I'm hoping it's not too big but comparing it to the size of the bench, it looks a little big.
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