Name that bag

  1. [​IMG]

    Sorry this picture is huge , but who is this bag by ????

    Thanks in advance
  2. no pics..
  3. I don't think the site allows you to direct link so the link I posted is that of the picture the OP wondered about.

    Edit: The picture just came up for me..not sure what's going on with it.
  4. nada - no pics
  5. I dragged the link into the address bar and it worked for me.
    Im thinking it might be Bottega Veneta or Marc Jacobs.:flowers:
  6. :nuts: Still no pic
  7. Im going to try and attach it.:flowers:
  8. I can see but im not sure about everyone else, does it work now?:flowers:
  9. yeah, I can see that. . . and I have no idea! LOL!
  10. Thanks Cindy for attaching it .........
  11. Thats one big friggin bag!
  12. That is the Zac Posen "Beatrice" bag

  13. ^^haha it is ... its HUGE