Name That Bag

  1. When I was at the outlet yesterday I saw a white leather flap bag with Legacy lining. It had a long strap so it could be worn cross body. Does anyone know what it was with a style number? I want to add it to my wish list. I am regreting not buying it yesterday
  2. its a 2006 legacy hippie, i got one in an outlet on christmas #10325
  3. thats it, thanks
  4. I saw one at my outlet a few weeks ago and I have regretted not getting it ever since. I figured that I didn't need it since I have the white ali but it would be so nice to have the crossbody style.
  5. It is so comfy, and its great for big shopping trips and travel.
  6. yup thats it, I am watching it too :biggrin: But I put myself on a ban. Did it come in any other colors? I have only found white
  7. The seller is really nice. She has a couple of Ali's too.
  8. That's a really gorgeous bag!
  9. i got it in black sig!!!
  10. I got it in Khaki sig/Black leather trim! And I just love it!
  11. I have a white leather Legacy shoulder bag and it's still beautiful (2006). I just moisturize her and she's yummy!!
  12. Wow.. do you remember how much it is? :smile:
  13. Yeah that bag is cute, a lot like my white ali. The only thing I would worry about is the denim transfer because I know it happens on the ali and this one being longer would rub on your jeans all the time. :shrugs: