Name that bag!

  1. Can anyone tell me the name of this bag? :shrugs: Sorry for the odd angle of the pic.
    I bought it about 3 years ago at the Nordstrom's at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. It has a single, over the shoulder strap.
  2. It could be some kind of Hamptons Hobo?? Maybe.
  3. no but I really like it! :tup:
  4. I really like you bag, but I have no clue what the name is! It is so pretty
  5. Thanks! I get tons - TONS - of compliments on it - I think bc when I bought it Coach hadn't really put out anything funky and this is a I love the blue. I hope someone knows!
  6. It's the Hamptons Perforated Signature Clip Hobo, but IDK the style number.
  7. WOW - thank you Coachgrl!