Name That Bag!

  1. Can someone help me identify this bag? Sorry the picture is so small - it's from a magazine which is a few issues old now, but it's been haunting me! If someone can tell me what it is, I'd be very grateful :yes: - thanks!
  2. The zippers look like Derek Lam, but I'm not sure...?
  3. At least that gives me somewhere to start looking! If anyone has any more clues, please step in :tup:
  4. I think its a steven by steve madden because of the lock and zippers on the side. On his site I cant get a good look at the sides but I remember them having zippers.
  5. Derek Lam is my guess as well.
  6. It is Derek Lam! Sooo funny I was reading an old issue of vogue (may 2006) and there it was!!! It was 1950 I think so good luck on finding it!

    I shoulda known. Steve madden copies everyone and their mom!
  7. Thanks andicandi! Didn't happen to mention the name or anything in Vogue, did it?
  8. It is called a Persephone Bag like the woman form greek mythology (I guess thats why the snake detail is there?) There are 3 sizes a small cocktail one (995) a medium one (1950)and a Larger one which I dont think is too huge (2150)
  9. Here's the Persephone from the front (if this works!):


    Apparently those are ram horns, because Derek Lam is an Aries. Are you sure it's the same bag? I don't see any gathering in the first pic.
  10. Hmmm See thats why I thought it was a Steven bag because it looked like it has a turn lock but I couldnt find any like this exact style. But the Derek Lam looks like it for real cuz of the handle and sides. Plus the bag is over a yr old so that could be how it ages?
  11. Thanks a bunch for that name, andicandi - I see what you mean about the sides. You're thinking that thing that looks like a turn lock is actually the rams heads, yes?

    I can't find anything Derek Lam that looks exactly like it either, but perhaps it's just some version that wasn't made in volume or something.

    Thanks a bunch girls!