Name that bag!...Stam or Chanel

  1. I think that's a Chanel? I may be wrong though...
  2. I can't tell from that angle but I don't recognize LC. She looks different. Maybe the eye make-up?
  3. I think it's the black stam. I can see the kisslocks on the top where the bag is slightly opened, and the two short top handles, along w/the long gold chain.
  4. I tthink its the stam too
  5. Looks like Stam to me, the chain is thick.
  6. Luvpurses24 recently posted a picture of Vanessa with her Black Stam.

  7. kisslock and chain tells me it's a stam
  8. stam- the kisslock on the top of it, and you can see part of the chain
  9. It's a stam for sure.
  10. Definently a stam!
  11. Stam :yes:
  12. MJ Stam for sure :yes: