Name that Bag...Literally, Does Mulberry name their bags after people/places???

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  1. Okay, I am a Mulberry newbie and was just curious about the names that Mulberry uses for their bags......

    I know of other makers who name many of their bags for their employees (Hayden Harnett in Brooklyn, NY) and another NYC company, Be&D, that names their bags after famous and "strong" women (Garbo, Ingrid, Stella, O'Keefe, as some examples).

    So, I think it was the bag named Agyness that made me think of this.......and I am assuming that the bag is named for Agyness Deyn????

    Hmmmm....would love to have your thoughts ;)
  2. I`d love to know too !!

    I`d laugh if it was something silly like staff names !

    Some of the names you could link straight away and others , well just seem a bit random !!
  3. It's a mix of places and names. Think you're right about the Agyness, wonder who Mabel could be for???
    I shall try and find out from my lovely SAs at Mulberry.
    The company was started by Roger Saul and he did use traditional English names - some were local to the Somerset area where the company started - but he is no longer part of Mulberry so maybe the policy is different now.
  4. The designers granny!!!!!
  5. Certainly the Bayswater, Piccadilly, Elgin, Fleet, Carnaby, Hoxton are all named after London streets.

    I'd assumed that the girls name bags were named after models, actresses, designers etc but don't know if I've ever had that confirmed. Keira Knightley, Jacquetta Wheeler, Phoebe Philo are a few that spring to mind. Certainly Agyness is Agyness Deyn - she's often seen hanging out with Stuart Vevers.

    I'm curious about Mabel, too. It *is* a granny-ish name and I didn't like it at first when the "Meet the Mabels" email was issued but I'm really coming round to the name now and think it would make a lovely name for a little girl :heart:
  6. Great info...keep it coming AND yes, sarajane - so lovely of you to ask the Mulberry SAs.
    Now, Phoebe Philo - who designed for Chloe? I don't think she designed any bags for Mulberry....or am I wrong????
  7. No, she's never designed for Mulberry afaik but if she was friends with the designer at the time, it's possible that they named the bag after her.
  8. Get ready for a good laugh - the roxanne is actually named after the boss in the Copenhagen Mulberry store, I know one of her friends so this is not just a rumour :lol:
  9. Hahahahaha!! No way!!!! Is she a bit of a minx with a name like that!!!(I'm just being silly!)
  10. Ha,ha ,ha told you it could be members of staff !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. How great though, I'd love to have a bag named after me.
    The Sara - now I think that would work! It would be curvy, definitely in red, gorgeous squishy leather and bloody expensive!!!
  12. Yeh and pretty damn foxy!!!!! gggggggggggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. I seem to remember the Roxanne was called Roxy for its first season, and only later re-named Roxanne. i wondered about the reason at the time - someone thought some other label also had a Roxy bag.
  14. Don't know why the name changed though, but I can tell you that the "real" roxanne is damn gorgeous, dark and slender - someone in design proberly had a crush on her at the time the bag was to be named! :lol: