NAME THAT BAG! help...pretty please?

  1. hello everyone, this is my first post on TPF..and i already need help from you guys. :push:

    my mother in law told me to put this bag up for auction on eBay, but i have no idea what its called. in the beginning, i thought it was the pont-neuf, but its not. i think its discontinued. anyways, she got this bag back in 1999 at the thailand louis vuitton flagship store and paid over 1200$ US for it.

    so my questions are:

    -whats the name of this bag? (if you have the complete description that's be even better)

    -how much do you think its worth now? (absolutely flawless, can be given as a gift, thats how good the condition is)

    -whats this color called exactly?

    thank you so much for your help!

  2. Hmm it looks like a predecessor to the Pont Neuf. I'll see what I can find. I do know that the color is just known as "green."
  3. Pont-Neuf?

  4. LOL. Go, Rebecca!
  5. yay, thanks a lot! i thought the "green" had a special name, but guess not.. please keep me posted!
  6. Looks like a pont neuf in Borneo Green epi leather. I probably just below retail if its in "immaculate condition." Retailon epi pont neuf is curently 1330 usd.
  7. i thought it was the pont-neuf as well, but the pont-neuf has an extra "layer" on the front and back.
  8. There is a separate name for it...I'm searching on eBay right now...!!
  9. Yes, it's discontinued :yes:
  10. not sure of the name, but cute bag
  11. OK. So its an Epi Sablons in Borneo Green. Anyone know waht the retail on that baby was?
  12. Yup, Karman got it, it's the Sablons. I was perusing old references I have, not eBay haha.
  13. Good job, ladies!