Name That Bag Color

  1. I was talking with someone about Koobas and getting the colors all mixed up. Cognac & Bourbon.

    Where do the Designers come up with the names?

    Of course there is the drinks; Cognac, Whiskey, Champaigne, Bourbon.
    Then the Food: Cream, Toffee, Java, Butter, Chocolate, Expresso

    I do believe I heard Kooba was coming out with a new line of "PaRtY Bags":
    Peach Schnapps (A Peach colored Bag in Suede)
    Pina Colada (A Bright Yellow with flecks of white (coconut)
    Fuzzy Navel (Navy Blue Faux Fur)
    And maybe...Sex on the Beach (A Sand colored Bag with extra large condoms as pockets)!!!

    What are your Designer names? LOL