Name Scarlett's Johansson Chanel Bag

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  1. I really like this bag. Anyone know the name of it?
  2. You would have better luck with this is you posted on the Chanel subforum.

    The zipper on the bottom looks similar to the Cotton Club.
  3. It's the PNY Flap and pretty difficult to find. . .
    moving this to the Chanel Forum.
  4. I really like this line--is it limited edition or sold out, thus being so hard to find??
  5. I have it in dark white. It was hard to find, even when it was in season. Occasionally it is on eBay. The new season bags shows a very similar bag, smaller but with the zipper around the bottom.
  6. That looks so pretty on her!
  7. It is quite something, wow. The leather looks awesome.
  8. I have a bag very similar to this. My boyfriend bought it when traveling to Parus. I've been wanting to put it on eBay but wasn't sure the name or details of this bag.
  9. There's one for sale on Portero