Name/RRP/season of this CHANEL?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm new to the forum :smile:

    Anyway could you please help me out with this Chanel bag: (pic courtesy of eBay)


    I'd like to know the name of it, its RRP and the season it came from + other relevant info?

    I believe it was a limited edition...

    All help is appreciated! Thanks! :biggrin::P
  2. As I remember that it is about 02-03 season item. But I don't know the name of this bag
  3. OMG I am watching this item I love this bag, might have to BUY It NOW
  4. What a cute print!
  5. Well ladies - I actually won the auction!!! :biggrin:

    I am pretty sure it is authentic :smile: The seller is highfashionx, a reputable seller from what I know, (a member of MPRS) and I dont think i'd ever see this style of bag being faked!
    I'm so glad! To be honest - it's actually my very first chanel :love::shame:
    Even though you would assume I'd buy a classic one for my first Chanel - i thought this one is more appropriate for my age! :yes::P (being under 20) :shame:

    So ladies - I'll post pics of my new baby when it arrives! :biggrin:

    And for now - if you could find out info on it (eg name/rrp) - that would be fantastic! :heart:
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