name paris hiltons bag at mallorca airport

  1. Hey...can anyone tell me what the black bag is that paris was carrying at mallorca airport on 21st july? Thanks :tender:
  2. A pic would help a great deal!;)
  3. :girlsigh: [​IMG]
  4. can't see the fine details.. Looks like a juicy-style purse to me.
  5. already checked its not juicy
  6. Oh nice bag. No idea what it is, its looks like a large "it" bag by Juicy but if you have already checked its a toughie.
  7. would've guessed Juicy as well!
  8. It kind of looks like an Isabella Fiore of some sort, with the studs and tattoo-looking print on it.
  9. ^^^ oh dang, i forgot about IF, she does have a tattoo bag this fall... just never seen in it in black and white.
  10. i think its Isabella Fiore as well.
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