Name ONE true thing about parenting

  1. The title sums it all. Your statement could be a bit of advice or just a general truth about the experience of parenting.

    I believe this will be a fun and hopefully enlightening thread.

    I'll go first: This is the most humbling role I've ever been assumed.
  2. There is nothing more amazing than having those big brown (or blue, or green or black) look at you and smile.
  3. Pure, unconditional love... (I know it's cliche, but as a mother of 4, I can uneqivocially say this is true)
  4. It's the most amazing and most challenging role I have ever accepted!
  5. Watching my children become their own "true self" is completely awe-inspiring!
  6. It totally changes your priorities.....
  7. You will do/say things that you told yourself you'd never do "when you have kids." :rolleyes::s
  8. They grow up soooo fast - the time flys by in a blink of the eye.
  9. Every child is wonderfully and fearfully made. Must as I dislike the discomforts of pregnancy, those 9 months is the only time my baby is with me 24/7. Its a wonderful experience!
  10. When you hear them say, "I love you", for the first was the greatest moment!
  11. as a new mom, i know i'll experience and learn about parenting as days go by but so far, no matter how tired or exhausted i am at the end of the day - the rewards of just looking into their eyes is just priceless!
  12. my mom has alway said to me about me and my brother and sister in sweet southern accent "I just LOVE y'all" .....and now I know exactly what she means. I just LOVE those girls!!!
  13. when you become a parent then you really begin to appreciate everything your parents did for you.
  14. You really learn what unconditional love is
  15. You'll never forget the first time your baby laughs.