name ONE bag that you'd use for the rest of your life under $700.

  1. it's a toughie. :push:
  2. LV Speedy 35, RM Elisha
  3. i cannot POSSIBLY comprehend this question. use one bag for the rest of my life? no way, no how. why would i want to? :smile:
  4. Rebecca Minkoff MA with shoulder strap
  5. My RM MAM. I love this bag sooo much. This is the bag I've worn the most consecutively as usually I change out of bags a lot more. I still admire it after all this time of wearing in because I feel as it is only getting better. I am in loveee with the leather! I was amazed at how soft it has gotten because when I first got it, it was rather tough but it has broken in beautifully.

    I love this more then my LV speedy for sure!!! Plus it was cheaper and is A LOT better quality and endurance!!! The LV speedy you have to baby so it's such a pain and it gets ugly but with the rm (with the similar speedy shape) it's going to age beautifully and takes such a banging!
  6. LV Speedy 30... no monogram print though.
  7. it's like the "desert island 5 dvds" game. lol *shrugs* :tup:
  8. lmao. i still couldn't answer the question. i'd rather be eaten by bears.
  9. Probably one of my Cole Haans. They take a beating and still look good!
  10. Linea Pelle Piper Speedy
  11. Under 700 retail? If not, then my Gryson Josey, on sale. I love love love love love this bag. But, that will probably change in a few months, when I go on my next bag hunt. :drool:
  12. Well, if there is only one bag, then I need it be very durable, that I can carry it with on my arm, and on my shoulder in all season. It has to travel with me everywhere, rain, snow, sun .....

    Gosh, I have to say LV speedy with strap since it never go out of style.

    If it's under $150, I would pick Longchamp Les Pilages medium long handle tote in black.
  13. I though the question meant, Which one bag would I always go back to and use for my entire life ( but still buy others..?)

    If Im right then I will always use my Hayden Harnett Triple Mercer satchel. Its soft, sits on my shoulder nicely, can be dressed up or down and has a wicked paisley lining.

    If the question is saying that I can only OWN one bag for my entire life...then I couldnt possibly answer!
  14. it's hypothetical, guys. :p
  15. ^ Um, yes, I think we know that no one's actually going to come around to our houses and force us to use the same bag for the rest of our lives, if we answer! :yes: :lol:

    That isn't going to happen, right?!