name of this (men) shoes

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  1. anyone know the name of this men shoes? (in french if possible please?)

  2. Something Damier :shrugs:
  3. LOL That's all I thought when I saw them as well! :roflmfao:
  4. LOL! Yeah.. I know it's Damier..

    I own those shoes, but I don't know the actual name of the shoes. My parents have the receipt coz they bought them for me, and they no longer have it!

    For the time being, I call them Damier Loafers. LOL! But that sounds a bit too normal.. haha..
  5. I wish we could help ya!! LOL You might get a better response in the am! :yes:
  6. That's OK. I'm a patient man

    Where are the guys when I need them the most... hahaha..
  7. Matt knows the names of a lot of shoes... so maybe he might know if he sees this thread tomorrow? *crosses fingers*
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