Name of this Goyard bag on Sincerely Jules

  1. Hi everyone. Could someone please tell me what this style is called. Also if someone know the price of it in Paris. Thanking everyone in advance x Screenshot_20180502-064136.jpg

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  2. It is the Boeing.
  3. Hi Lexgal!! Would u happen to know which size she has?

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  4. I don’t know what size it is. To me Boeing is a duffel in the larger sizes, kind of like the LV keepall. Goyard seems to have two styles of duffels, the Boeing and the crossiant (sp). I have two Boeing’s. I use the larger for weekend trips and it is too large as a carry-on bag and a smaller one that I think is a 45 that does work as a carry-on. This one looks smaller than my 45 but that could be the picture?