name of this coach bag?

  1. at the outlet about 2 weeks ago, i bought a small signature bag that's supposed to hold toiletries or makeup when traveling. it's small double-handled and is in the shape of the penelope satchels, like a square bowler style w/a double zipper. has 2 elastic pockets inside and a big zipped pouch on the other side.

    it's not on the site and i don't know if it's old. i just love it & use it as a regular everyday bag, not a travel accessory. i will try to get a picture up later if my description is not helping.

    thanks to all you coach enthusiasts who might be able to help me identify what i have.
  2. post a picture of it
  3. thanks, that's it in the auction, but heck, it looks terrible in that photo! i guess it's just called a cosmetic case, duh! i don't know what that pink color is in their picture, the bag is all brown inside, no other colors. really bad bad picture.
  4. Coach Transatlantic Cosmetic Case