name of this Chloé bag pls...

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  1. Is someone know the name and year of this Chloé bag?

    Thank you :biggrin:

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  2. No idea but maybe an Heloise style, because of the handles...
  3. Is what I thaught, but i cant found this one anywhere... strange:graucho:
  4. That's a really cute little purse!! It's definitely in Heloise family. Is there a date tag inside somewhere? You can tell the year and season by that if you can find it.
  5. beapizza - Its certainly an Heloise - and from the look of what I can see of the dustbag, one of the newer ones - new style dustbag (from the pulls). If you can check the inner pocket there should be a serial/date tag inside - that will have some numbers one side and probably the hologram on the other - if you can post the numbers on the tag - it will tell us season and year.
  6. So the number is 02-08-60 and on the other side made in spain ... not hologram... is it a fake?:wtf:
  7. beapizza - Hi there - that shows its a Summer 2008 bag - and not all Chloe bags are Made in Italy any longer - some of the Heloise - the vinyl for instance is Made in Spain. Other styles can be Made in Romania, Made in Moldovia, Made in Bulgaria - so no - its not fake - its fine!!:yahoo:
  8. thank you and is it ok if is there in not hologram?
  9. ^^ Holograms were introduced in the new season bags - and so there is a period where some newer bags have them and some dont.

    Can I ask - where did you buy this? Did you receive any hangtags, care cards etc?
  10. Didn t buy yet... Is in a Shop in Italy who sell different brand, I bought another Chloe there and there is the hologram... Yes there certificate paper and all... but I was just worried because I can t found it anywhere on internet... the girl told me the name was "baby Heloise", but i google it... and nothing :sad: ... Strange!?
    what do you think, is it a good idea to buy it? is cute :smile:)
  11. beapizza - Hi - is the store an authorised stockist of Chloe - i.e., like Luisaviaroma?

    The bag you have already - can you remember the datecode inside? There is a crossover period - and so its not really a huge issue in that it doesn't have the hologram. The circular hangtag - can you recall - is the printing on that 'Chloe' in dark or pale colour? Also here is a link to the Mini Heloise Hobo - you can see the similarities but this is a Hobo style -

    It is possible that it wasn't a particularly popular or highly produced item - I've seen an Heloise similar to this - but without the front sort of pocket - Also - sometimes things are produced for specific markets - i.e., Europe, US etc.

  12. Dont remember the number on the other bag (im at work now.. ) ;)
    but is this one ... [​IMG]

    dont know about the tag, dont remember, but on this foto u can see the white bag under the chloé and the writting "chloé" is white....

    thank you so much for your help!!!! :biggrin:

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  13. beapizza - I know the dustbag is the new style with the lighter font - but its the circular hangtag which should be attached to the bag, or inside the bag which I'm asking about, and also the Care Card.
  14. Ah oups! dont remember... but im going tomorrow and ll take a foto of all this time :smile:) does the writting "Chloé" on the round tag have to be pale like the dustbag or dark?
    sorry i m such a pain ;)