name of this burberry scarf.. help!

  1. what is the exact name / style / color of this scarf?


    is it the giant check scarf or the cashmere muffler?
    and is this camel color?

    ..because when i go to - they only have the option for nova check, and not camel. does this mean that they no longer have camel in stock .. or is it the same thing as nova check. i'm so confused!

    forgive me, sorry for so many questions - i am normally a LV girl & am new to burberry. :smile:
  2. The Giant Check scarf is just the name they use for the bigger check, it's the same size as the cashmere mufflers but the plaid is bigger.

    The one in the pic is the cashmere muffler. I believe it is camel because I remember the SA telling me that novacheck is lighter, either that or i have it switched around, but one of them is lighter than the other. They are both a neutral shade though so it just depends on your preference whether you like your neutrals to be darker or lighter.

    Hope this helps!
  3. it definitely helps.. thanks :smile:
  4. I was wondering the same thing - I keep seeing that same scarf everywhere and am so in love with it, but it just doesn't look much like any of the scarves on Even the novacheck cashmere muffler pictured on that site doesn't look like the one in the picture here, even though it's that just me? the black stripes on the picture shown here seem to be wider and farther apart than the one on

    Burberry - Accessories: Scarves: CASHMERE MUFFLER
  5. So do you think the one in the picture is the nova check?
  6. looks closer to novacheck to me..
  7. yea, i agree. it looks closer to novacheck. classic check = camel check.