Name of this bag???

  1. What's the name of this bag and what is the retail price? Thanks so much! :smile:
    LV Vernis.jpg
  2. Name - LV Malibu Street Vernis Bag
    Price - Cannot remember

    Hope someone else can help you here...
  3. Thank you! I did the google search and it is $865. The dimensions are about the same as the Sunset Blvd. Which one would you guys choose? The Sunset Blvd or the Malibu Street?
  4. Hey, Asha. Funny to see you over here in LV! If you want a day and night bag I would go with the Malibu Street. The Sunset is a little more night time to me, especially in dark colors like amarante. Although I love the Sunset. If it doesn't matter, my personal preference is the Sunset.
  5. I prefer the sunset blvd. something about it is more chic and elegant to me.
  6. I know strange seeing you ladies over here huh? I like my bags as well, but I just don't buy them as often as CLs and other shoes. LOL

    I ended up going w/ the Sunset Blvd in violette (ordered it yesterday). I should have it Thursday latest. I will post photos once it comes! I figured I should jump on it before they sell out and before the price increase. But, it's only going up $30 anyways. :smile: