Name of this bag?

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  1. I have this bag in magnolia and I absolutely love it! It was my first BV, and got me addicted to anything and everything bottega! I have heard it most commonly called the toggle clutch, but it is really more of a small purse; it fits a ton of stuff for a "clutch" and fits easily on the shoulder.
  2. i also have this bag in ebano. I have no idea what it is called:confused1: though. Sorry, but i do love it, great when i pop out for lunch with DH.
  3. thank you all for sharing!!

    I am looking for a pink one but it looks like it's all out of stock.. :sad:

    I saw it last week online at the Browns with 50% off but its gone so quickly...

    and I called BV in London, when I said the toggle clutch, they know what I am talking about.. so I think the name of this bag might be it then.. heehee..

    thank you all again!!!
  4. OOOOO....this is my next dream bag!
  5. It's a great little bag for evenings and weekends, and quite affordable too! Especially if you can find one on sale!